• Electrical Safety

  • Electricity, when handled improperly can be destructive and even deadly. There are many areas in your home that can pose a hazard if there is a fault in the system or wiring has been installed improperly.

  • Electrical Fires

    Overloaded outlets or improper wiring can cause arcing which causes sparks and potential fires.  Check cords for cuts or nicks and have dedicated circuits installed if needed.

  • Electrical Shock

    According to Electrical Safety Foundation International, in the US, 50,900 fires each year are attributed to electrical failure or malfunction resulting in 490 deaths and 1,440 injuries so working with your electrical system is no laughing matter.  Always exercise extreme caution and hire a licensed, professional electrician if you're at all unsure about what you are doing. 

  • Protect Your Home

    Integrity Electric can inspect your system to check for flaws, guide you in your lighting or remodel project, and install devices to protect your home for fire damage.  Arc fault devices and ground fault devices protect your family and home from the risk that are inherent in your electrical system.